Jérôme Simon, former ICAO Senior Officer, Infrastructure Manager, is expert in airport charges, economic oversight and public-private partnerships (PPPs). On airport charges, which are addressed in ICAO Doc 9082, Simon reiterated four key principles: non-discrimination, cost-relatedness, transparency and consultation of users. He is important for economic oversight, “the interests of all stakeholders could be best served if users are succulently well-informed through a constructive engagement of airports and users.” ICAO guidance is available in the Airport Economics Manual, Doc 9562.

In PPP, Simon outlines the prerequisites for a successful partnership:

  • Macro factors include political stability, governmental
expertise, a favorable policy environment, strong sponsor units, and an effective framework.
  • Project-specific factors are an adequate scope, adequate competition, and output indicators, together with social and economic factors.
ICAO guidance material on privatization of airports and air navigation services is found in Doc 9980

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