CAP3.org helps States / Airports / Airlines manage their financial processes and gains insights on their business performance. We believe that there is an opportunity for States / Airports / Airlines to integrate and simplify their financial processes and augment the number of Aircrafts / Passengers.

Our expertise spans across all the critical financial processes, including PPP (Public-Private Partership) and Revenue Management / Pricing for State / Airport / Airline.

With CAP3.org, you not only get a strong partner but some of the best minds in the PPP and Revenue Management / Pricing for you.


Jérôme SIMON is CEO / Founder of CAP3.org, former United Nations – UN / International Civil Aviation Organization – ICAO Senior Officer (Infrastructure Manager and Secretary of the Airport Economics Panel – AEP and the Air Navigation Services Economics Panel – ANSEP), and expert in States / Airports / Airlines charges, Economic Oversight and PPP (Public-Private Partnership).